In calling my business "Safe Space Yoga Project" I acknowledge that although I make my best attempts at creating safe space for folx, I am in continuous learning about ways my actions may have a different impact than I intend - for reasons I either can or cannot control. I commit to continuing to learn about creating the safest spaces possible, taking responsibility, and also acknowledge that our world can be a hard place to be and some may not ever be able to access a sense of feeling that they are in a "Safe space." I also acknowledge that not all people will identify this practice as being true to the sacred, spiritual, and physical practice of yoga that originated in India over 5,000 years ago. In trauma sensitive yoga we hope to create space for people to reclaim their bodies, their thoughts, their breath, and maybe build some more awareness for their experience in the day to day, to me this is yoga. I would love to chat more with you if you feel otherwise. Thank you for being here and for exploring the impact of words with me! 


Our purpose is to offer a body-based approach to healing that interrupts the impacts of trauma so that people can live full and meaningful lives.


Safe Space Yoga Project is a trauma-sensitive approach to healing individualized and collective trauma. Through yoga, a body-based practice-- the disconnections made in our neuro pathways have the opportunity to heal. Traumatic events, repeated traumas (abandonment, neglect, and abuse), and systemic trauma (oppression because of race, class, gender, sexuality, fatphobia, and more) are realities that often go untreated.

Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga, an evidence-based practice, supports traumatized individuals to live with more awareness and agency in the present. This practice is designed to dissolve power dynamics and offer opportunities to practice choice making in a effort to create safe space for your healing.


At Safe Space Yoga Project we are moving people out of survival and into presence. Living in constant survival mode creates a toll on one's psyche, physicality and spirit. Oftentimes, day to day tasks and people’s larger purpose in life seems unattainable when traumatized. People who have survived trauma are brilliant and have developed strategies to survive. But oftentimes these survival strategies require a vigilance that is unsustainable, leading to long term chronic illness, impacts in interpersonal relationships, a hard time sustaining meaningful connection with people, and low ability to bounce back. Through an evidence-based approach our participants express feelings of being in their bodies for the first time, and noticing they have choices on and off their yoga mat, and a sense of discovering their true purpose.

At Safe Space Yoga Project we believe a body-based approach is a necessary therapy for traumatized individuals and communities. Through trainings, private sessions and workshops we offer tools to live beyond survival.